Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poetic Unjustness

All the vivid colours to refract into my eyes
The brilliant artpieces in a gallery
The sunset over the shimmering lake
The glittering stars that shine with the moon
But I rather fixate my eyes on your mesmerizing face

All the beautiful sounds resonate my ears
The instruments of talented musicians
The rustling of leaves in the high trees
The birds chirping with delight
But I rather listen to your soothing melodic voice

All the palatable tastes to nourish my tongue
The finely prepared plates made with passion
The crisp clear taste of water
The divine lusciousness of honey and nectar
But I rather taste your sweet, soft lips

Let's stop right there
I would NEVER say any of these things to my current or previous GFs.
None of them deserve hearing this because none of it is true
What was I thinking in junior high?...Such useless bullshit.

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