Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YoutubeGroaning, it has a cause

Like Wikigroaning, but a first possible art form or terminology coined by yours truly. (girlfriend vs videogames HAHA)

If there is anything to be learned in this life, it's that you can't extend your "e-appendage" by uploading a video on YouTube. For female readers, you should interpret "e-appendage" as self worth.

BUT WAIT! It sounds like I am disagreeing with what YouTube is meant to BE towards the common Internet user.
I agree on one thing, YouTube is great when I'm looking for music videos from the vibrant new-wave 80's, but it's gut-wrenchingly awful when I have to test out more than 10 results for "Doesn't Really Matter" by "Platinum Blond", but it doesn't really matter, because this human ignorance shouldn't bother me, should it?

Remember the popular viral video called "Bro Rape" by "Derrick Comedy"? Documenting the fictitious yet easily recognizable desires of your fellow hip male friends....with their upside down visors....Dane Cook DVDs....and axe spray. Yeah I can agree, having any of those things can cause undesirable attention, I also agree that copying this video then re-uploading it again onto Youtube makes you look like a complete dunce, for instance:

xHaVoC83x - Bro Rape: A Newsline Investigative Report [HD] (imagine me pronouncing the word: "ecks havoc ninety-three ecks" in order to destroy all the user's chances of redeeming himself)

- turning this video on 720p resolution, it still looks worse than the original video uploaded by the original authors on normal or even 240p. Clever ruse, you added to the title [HD] to trick people into thinking they can see the same comedy gold but with refined video clarity
- This video was posted on June 23, 2010, a 4 year gap after the original. Of course the kid adds to the description "I do not own this, but its one of my favorite videos on youtube lol"
-Don't bother trying to tell this kid how much of a hack he is, because your comment will be deleted after 5 minutes. When you discover your comment is missing, you might try to make another, only to see this message "You have been blocked by the owner of this video." I found it ironic too.
I don't quite remember what my imminently deleted statement was but it went something like "[HD] my ass" and "please delete this video so my Youtube search function doesn't give me garbage results"

Things I could have done to prevent such silliness:
- only click on the first result, since that one was most RELEVANT and POPULAR one
- ignore latter results since they are not what I am looking for
- save the proper video to my favorites so I won't have to search for it again.
- not comment on the wrong video telling them good advice
- not make this blog about it

See how I leave the most mundane things at the end of the list? That's because I'm thoughtful.

So, should I let this common problem on YouTube affect me that much? Should I even worry or complain about it? Should I see a whole 15 minute episode of Clarke and Michael rather than 3x5 min segments in three different garbage links on YouTube?

I might have cared less if this kid had less than 100 hits as opposed to his 89000? Or if other people spoke up?... well maybe they did, but the OWNER OF THE VIDEO won't let them.

Things you can search for on Youtube to get your rage going:
- viral videos e.g. "N64 kid"
- clips of comedian skits/standups e.g. Russel Peters
- famous movie quotes/scenes
- Justin Bieber

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  1. n64 kid is hilarious imo
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